Christopher Owen
Student SID

Canyon View crushes NFL Yet

February 13, 2020 by Christopher Owen, Canyon View High School

The Jaguars try to secure a rebound (Christopher Owen/Canyon View Student).

Christopher Owen attends Canyon View High School and is a member of the AIA's Student SID program.


The Canyon View girls varsity basketball team won their last game of the season against the NFL Yet Eagles in the Canyon View Arena on Thursday, February 6th by a score of 56-12.  


“The relationships that I’ve made throughout the two years I’ve played basketball has been my favorite part about the season”, said sophomore Caitlin Schnieder.  


To start the Jaguars off, sophomore Angelina Thiel made a two pointer making the score 2-0. Freshman Ella Seymour ended the first quarter by making a two pointer making the score13-0. 


Sophomore Chyenne Ben started the second quarter off with a two pointer making the score 15-0. Following this up, Seymour made a three pointer making the score 18-2. To end the first half, Thiel made a two pointer making the score 26-4. 


In the beginning of the second half, sophomore Caidyn Spickler made a three pointer making the score 29-6. In the middle of the third quarter, Seymour made two three pointers making the score 35-10. Ben ended the third quarter with another three pointer, making the score 50-12. 


Sophomore Sarah Obermeyer finished the Jag’s scoring with two-pointers finishing the score at 54-12. 


“It was a really good game, I think it will carry off into the off season and show us a few things we need to work on as a team and give the girls more confidence in themselves”, said coach Carranza.