Oree Foster
Staff Writer, AZPreps365.com

Current pandemic hurts off season basketball play

May 14, 2020 by Oree Foster, AZPreps365

Current pandemic is definitely hurting off season basketball play.

Three outstanding veteran coaches, including Chinle Lady Wildcats head coach Francine McCurtain, Winslow Lady Bulldogs head coach Jerron Jordan and Chinle Wildcats boy's head coach Raul Mendoza said COVID-19 in the north eastern Arizona vicinity will not see any off season basketball action.

McCurtain said she wanted to have summer basketball because its essential for Chinle's program to develop players off season.

""It (off season basketball program) gives students a chance to improve on their individual skills and also become aware of the expectations of the season, when it comes," McCurtain said. "Unfortunately, I am not having summer basketball at this time. I'm not sure if we will either. It all depends on the current pandemic we face."

McCurtain said she would rather see the safety of the students first and basketball actually come whenever she is given the okay.

"If and when we are given the okay to resume our normal daily life, I would gladly make an announcement of when we could start," McCurtain said.

MCurtain during previous years, Chinle normally starts the season during the month of April and when the month arrives, the Lady Wildcats would travel every weekend to team camp.

"The Charli Turner Thorne Camp of ASU women's basketball cancelled their team camp and the San Diego Classic also cancelled their tournament," McCurtain said. "I have yet to hear from UNLV team camp and Park University. We will continue to follow up with team camps and patiently wait out the COVID-19."

Jordan said he would still have summer basketball for the month of June, but he said it is based on what happens in the next few eeks with the current pandemic.

"At this point, I am waiting for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and my school district's recommendation regarding summer participation approval," Jordan said. "I am hoping my team can participate in the Holbrook League and Snowflake tournament. Those are pending approval within the respective school districts. Many of the tournaments that I had scheduled have already been cancelled."

Mendoza said the team had plans to have summer basketball.

"With the present situation, I don't know what or if we are going to have anything," Mendoza said. "We also didn't have the opportunity to do any fund raising to finance the summer activities, due to the coronavirus."