Ellie Hommel
Student SID

Cheyenne Clouatre: Encouragement behind success

May 11, 2022 by Ellie Hommel, Gilbert Christian High School

Cheyenne Clouatre serving the ball to her opponent.

Ellie Hommel attends Gilbert Christian High School and is a member of the AIA's student SID program.

Cheyenne Clouatre, a Gilbert Christian High School student and tennis player, has a singles winning streak of 13-0 before state. She has grown so much in one season to become a successful and reliable player for the GCHS women's tennis team. She is an encouragement and a friend to the team, finding a family within it. “I am on an amazing team!! They are always so encouraging and make me want to become a better player and fight for all of them.” (Clouatre) Cheyenne’s team is a heart warming motivation for her and plays into making her season amazing. 

She also helps the team herself by always encouraging them with hugs, high-fives, and encouraging words. She also says “Even though you are down you are never out.” Her motivation can spark anyone's heart. She also helps her team members by going out of her way to play and teach them on days the school doesn’t have practices.

Having a good community and spirit can really help one's game. “This year's tennis season is definitely my most successful sport’s season. I was able to improve my wins this year and finish my regular season single matches undefeated and advance in both team and individual to compete in state.” (Clouatre) 

She had finished state with a stat of 21-7. “I think I played pretty well for my first time at state to achieve my goal of making it to the second round of the tournament.” (Clouatre) While she had made it to the second round as she hoped, unfortunately, she was not able to move onto the third round. No problem, she just has another goal for next year to improve and try to make it even further. Going to state is a big achievement, and she is using what she learned as an opportunity to continue to grow in her skills. She knows her strengths. “I was very consistent which really helps my game; but, I could definitely improve on my volleys and work toward having an offensive powerful shot.” (Clouatre) 

She plays hard and well, with a team behind her she knows she can depend on, win or lose. Feeling the joy of community and reaping its rewards she can now say she had no losses throughout the regular season loud and proud.