Cooper Hancock
ASU Student Journalist

Coronado looking for first win this season against Apache Junction

September 27, 2023 by Cooper Hancock, Arizona State University

The Coronado High School girl's volleyball team poses with teachers prior to their loss against Tempe High School.

Cooper Hancock is a student journalist at Arizona State University assigned to cover Coronado High School for AZPreps365.

Coronado looks to redeem itself from its 3-0 loss on Tuesday to Apache Junction (1-7), the first of their two matchups against each other this week.

The Prospectors began 4A Black Canyon regional play with a bang after shutting out the Dons three sets to none.

Apache Junction senior Allie Pride led the Prospectors with 13 kills. On the defensive side, other seniors who has team-high were Christilyn Trisoliere's three blocks and Adelina Blackstock's eight digs. 

Hope remain high for Coronado, who have yet to win a set or a match (0-8) this season. After playing only two regional matches, the team expects to improve after a preseason that includes matches against top-ranked opponents. 

“It was a learning experience for us, we were missing four players…I think we underestimated them a little bit, we now know what we need to do going into [Thursday’s match],” said Coronado head coach Alex Smothers. 

The Dons feel well-prepared for Thursday’s match being played at home and having already played against the Prospectors.

“I think we’re more prepared than we were [Tuesday] because we know who we’re going up against and what to expect from it,” said freshman Aurora Halverson. 

For Smothers, coaching a team that has not had their first taste of success this season can seem like a difficult task for him to keep his team motivated. Although, Smothers finds it easy with the group he was given to coach. 

“This is a really fun group that we have here, so it’s not too hard to get them to continue to work hard and keep progressing,” said Smothers. “The biggest thing is acknowledging that we are making that progress, and even though we may not be getting the results, we are going out there working hard and having fun.”

The Dons have not allowed themselves to become overwhelmed by the disappointing season they have had so far. Whether on the court or the sidelines, on gameday, or at practice, the Dons know how to still have fun and motivate their teammates. 

“Sometimes we just goof around on the court, we try making jokes with each other,” said junior Chandara Louis. “When someone gets down, we just motivate them to get back up.” 

Apache Junction looks to stay undefeated in regional play Thursday while Coronado looks to take its first win of the season at home.