AIA Information Regarding Coronavirus

The Arizona Department of Health Services is a vaulable resouce when gathering information regarding the novel coronavirus (nCOV) and the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit the department's website for full statewide information.

Additional information is shared by AIA partner Banner Health by clicking here.

From Banner Health

3/30: Schools and activities cancelled for remainder of the year. For a full statement click here.

3/25: Launch of a new page featuring a collection of stories from around the state with student-athletes and coaches keeping busy. click here

4/3: Q&A with Executive Director David Hines. click here


Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: Official competition and activities are cancelled for the remainder of the school year for everyone. Esports may compete in scrimmage mode only via the PlayVS platform.

Q: How will games be marked cancelled?
A: The AIA office will mark all games cancelled on behalf of the member schools.

Q. Does this cancellationd apply to public schools only?
A. The cancellation applies to all AIA member schools, public, private and charter, in all AIA-sanctioned competitions.

Q: Is the AIA holding the AD/SLAC Summit on April 13?
A: No, the AIA has cancelled the AD/SLAC summit scheduled for April 13. No date for future event is available at this time.

Q: What does this mean for the administration of sports and athlete eligibility?
A: All sports are considered "out of season" and guidelines regarding that are in the AIA handbook.