21 Nov

4:00 pm

Estrella Foothills & Lee Williams Yuma High School Hosted by Yuma Section

30 Nov

4:00 pm

Deer Valley & Prescott Prescott High School Hosted by Prescott Section

07 Dec

4:00 pm

Odyssey Institute & Dysart Dysart High School Hosted by Dysart Section

14 Dec

4:00 pm

Peoria & Agua Fria Agua Fria High School Hosted by Agua Fria Section

09 Jan

4:00 pm

ALA - West Foothills & Cactus Cactus High School Hosted by Cactus Section

11 Jan

4:00 pm

Deer Valley, Lee Williams & ALA - West Foothills American Leadership Academy - West Foothills Hosted by ALA - West Foothills Section

18 Jan

4:00 pm

vs Peoria Yuma High School Hosted by Yuma Section

21 Jan

9:00 am

ALA - Ironwood, Gila Ridge, Ironwood & 7 more Yuma Catholic Hosted by Yuma Catholic Freedom

25 Jan

4:00 pm

ALA - QC & Odyssey Institute The Odyssey for Advanced and International Studies Hosted by Odyssey Institute Freedom

28 Jan

Knight Invitational Arizona College Prep Hosted by AZ College Prep Invitational

31 Jan

1:00 pm

Cibola, Kofa, San Luis & 1 more Gila Ridge High School Hosted by Gila Ridge Freedom