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25 Aug

3:30 pm

Mesa & Perry Seville Golf and Country Club Hosted by Perry Freedom

27 Aug

3:30 pm

Dobson & Westwood Royal Palms Golf Course Hosted by Westwood Freedom

03 Sep

3:00 pm

Mesquite & Mountain View, Mesa Augusta Ranch Golf Course Hosted by Highland Freedom

04 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Red Mountain Red Mountain Ranch Country Club Hosted by Red Mountain Freedom

10 Sep

Gilbert City Girls Golf Tournament Invitational

15 Sep

3:00 pm

Chandler & Mountain Pointe Ahwatukee Country Club Hosted by Mountain Pointe Freedom

18 Sep

Aguila Invitational Invitational

22 Sep

3:00 pm

Desert Ridge & Gilbert Toka Sticks Golf Course Hosted by Highland Freedom

24 Sep

3:00 pm

Mesa & Desert Ridge Desert Ridge High School Hosted by Desert Ridge Freedom

29 Sep

3:00 pm

Skyline & Mountain View, Mesa Longbow Golf Club Hosted by Mountain View, Mesa Freedom

01 Oct

3:00 pm

Mesquite & Skyline TBD Hosted by Highland Freedom