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02 Mar

3:30 pm

Academy of Tucson, Buena & Cienega Cienega High School Hosted by Cienega Freedom

09 Mar

3:30 pm

Catalina & Sahuarita Sahuarita High School Hosted by Sahuarita Freedom

17 Mar


19 Mar

Willie Williams Track & Field Boys & Girls University of Arizona Invitational

23 Mar

3:30 pm

Pusch Ridge & Walden Grove Amphitheater High School Hosted by Amphitheater Freedom

30 Mar

4:00 pm

Ironwood Ridge & Canyon Del Oro Canyon Del Oro High School Hosted by Canyon Del Oro Freedom

06 Apr

3:30 pm

Marana & Vista Grande Vista Grande High School Hosted by Vista Grande Freedom

15 Apr

Mario Castro Invitational University of Arizona Invitational

27 Apr

Last Chance Marana T/F Invitational Marana High School Invitational