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06 Sep

3:30 pm

Camelback, La Joya Community & South Mountain Granite Falls Golf Course Hosted by Dysart Freedom

12 Sep

3:30 pm

Carl Hayden, NFL Yet HS and JH & South Mountain Aguila Golf Course Hosted by South Mountain Freedom

13 Sep

3:00 pm

Marcos de Niza, St. Mary's & Betty H. Fairfax Betty H. Fairfax High School Hosted by Betty H. Fairfax Freedom

18 Sep

3:30 pm

Maricopa, Mingus Union & Alhambra Alhambra High School Hosted by Alhambra Freedom

20 Sep

3:30 pm

Central & Trevor G. Browne Granite Falls Golf Course Hosted by Dysart Freedom

25 Sep

3:30 pm

La Joya Community, North & Central Palo Verde Golf Course Hosted by Central Freedom

02 Oct

Dysart District Cup Pebblebrook Golf Course Hosted by Dysart Invitational

05 Oct

3:30 pm

Carl Hayden & Tolleson Union Dysart High School Hosted by Dysart Freedom