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Canyon View


27 Aug

3:00 pm

Peoria & Westview Falcon Golf Club Hosted by Westview Freedom

28 Aug

3:30 pm

vs Gila Ridge Falcon Golf Club Hosted by Canyon View Section

11 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Bradshaw Mountain Prescott Country Club Hosted by Bradshaw Mountain Freedom

13 Sep

3:00 pm

vs Valley Vista Falcon Golf Club Hosted by Canyon View Freedom

15 Sep

The Roar Classic 2018 Tuscany Falls @ Falls/Palms Invitational

18 Sep

3:30 pm

Willow Canyon & North Palo Verde Golf Course Hosted by North Freedom

20 Sep

3:30 pm

vs Cesar Chavez Aguila Golf Course Hosted by Cesar Chavez Freedom

25 Sep

3:30 pm

Central & Metro Tech Encanto Golf Course Hosted by Metro Tech Freedom

02 Oct

3:00 pm

Desert View & St. Mary's Grand Canyon University Golf Course Hosted by St. Mary's Freedom

10 Oct

3:00 pm

Liberty, Sandra Day O'Connor & Boulder Creek Ironwood Course at Anthem Hosted by Boulder Creek Freedom