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07 Sep

4:30 pm

Sahuaro & Desert View Thomas Jay-Little Town Park Hosted by Desert View Section

14 Sep

4:30 pm

vs Catalina Kennedy Park Hosted by Cholla Freedom

17 Sep

30th Annual Los Mezquites Kennedy Park Hosted by Sunnyside Invitational

21 Sep

4:30 pm

Andrada Polytechnic, Florence, St. Augustine & 1 more Stefan Gollib Park Hosted by Palo Verde Magnet Freedom

28 Sep

4:30 pm

Palo Verde Magnet, Pueblo & Rincon/University Rincon High School Hosted by Rincon/University Freedom

05 Oct

3:30 pm

vs Buena Kennedy Park Hosted by Cholla Section

19 Oct

4:30 pm

Amphitheater, Catalina, The Gregory School & 1 more Andrada Polytechnic High School Hosted by Andrada Polytechnic Freedom