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21 Nov

4:00 pm

Estrella Foothills & Lee Williams Yuma High School Hosted by Yuma Section

30 Nov

4:00 pm

Deer Valley & Prescott Prescott High School Hosted by Prescott Section

02 Dec


03 Dec

Jerry Benson Classic Buckeye Union High School Hosted by Buckeye Union Invitational

07 Dec

4:00 pm

Kingman, Odyssey Institute & Dysart Dysart High School Hosted by Dysart Section

09 Dec


10 Dec

Marana Tiger Duals Marana High School Hosted by Marana Invitational

14 Dec

4:00 pm

Mohave, Peoria & Agua Fria Agua Fria High School Hosted by Agua Fria Section

09 Jan

4:00 pm

ALA - West Foothills & Cactus Cactus High School Hosted by Cactus Section

11 Jan

4:00 pm

Deer Valley, Lee Williams & ALA - West Foothills American Leadership Academy - West Foothills Hosted by ALA - West Foothills Section

18 Jan

4:00 pm

Mohave & Peoria Yuma High School Hosted by Yuma Section

25 Jan

4:00 pm

ALA - QC, Kingman & Odyssey Institute The Odyssey for Advanced and International Studies Hosted by Odyssey Institute Freedom

27 Jan


28 Jan

Knight Invitational Arizona College Prep Hosted by AZ College Prep Invitational

01 Feb

1:00 pm

Cibola, Gila Ridge, Kofa & 1 more San Luis High School Hosted by San Luis Freedom